Jul 03 | 1:00 PM

Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival

SUNDAY, JULY 3, 2022

Doors Open: 12:00PM | Show Time: 1:00PM

Excitement is building... make your plans to experience the celebration! A colorful and dynamic show featuring some 2,000 dancers creating a magical symphony of Lithuanian folk dance, costume design, and historic culture storytelling.

The XVI Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival takes its inspiration from the Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis' 1909 painting, The Tale of Kings. The logo was created by designer Deimante Kalinauskaite from Lithuania, who currently resides in Atlanta. The festival logo embraces the many elements of the festival’s significance; the M.K. Ciurlionis kings’ crown, folk dancers, the three colors of the Lithuanian flag, and a bell, a symbol of freedom not only in Philadelphia in its struggle against oppression, but is also found in Ciurlionis’ work. The bell has been incorporated in several of M.K. Ciurlionis’ paintings, as well as his musical compositions. In his painting The Sonata of the Sun’s Finale, the nation’s tireless and hopeful pursuit of freedom is symbolized. This brief explantion of our modern 21st century logo, reflects a committed, modern and growing European nation and her children!

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