The Liacouras Center


Environmental sustainability is becoming more and more important in the lives of every human being and the operation of every business. Global Spectrum and The Liacouras Center are committed to raising awareness and taking action to make its facilities throughout the world more environmentally friendly with a company-wide, comprehensive campaign called "Step Up."

Our patrons can expect to see the following green practices when visiting The Liacouras Center:

  • Hand dryers in public restrooms – reduces paper towel costs by over $15,000 annually
  • Recycling trash cans around the concourse for plastic and aluminum products
  • Waterless urinals in public restrooms – reduces water & sewage usage by up to 700,000 gallons annually
  • Produce is purchased locally in season
  • All of our disposable items such as plates, cups, and utensils are 100% recyclable made from sugar cane and starch
  • Our cooking oil in our concession stands and kitchen is 100% recyclable
  • Composting of all food waste in concession stands and catering

Other green practices utilized at The Liacouras Center:

  • Aisle lighting in our seating area converted from incandescent lighting to LED lighting to reduce electric usage
  • Plans to install dimming system in our stairwells (emergency lighting) and hallways– will reduce electric output by 80%
  • Donate our leftover food after events to local churches and charities
  • Utilize china for functions instead of disposable products
  • Cleaning chemicals and equipment are Green Seal certified
  • Walk-behind cleaning scrubbers that use 70% less water than conventional scrubbers
  • Motion sensors for lighting have been installed in all offices - reduce electric usage by 63%
  • All concourse lighting, hallway lighting, and Fox Gittis conference room lighting was converted to low voltage bulbs - reduce electric usage by 51%
  • Energy efficient washer and dryer that reduces water usage by 44%